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ArtiumPro offers powerful trading tools made with YOU in mind. Our indicator will take the stress and extra work out of trading.

Our indicator marks up and shows trades so you can quickly make trades and earn a bigger profit



Fair Value Gaps
> Caused by impulsive moves in the the market.
> Buyer moves the market quickly; seller doesn't get a chance to get their positions in, causing an imbalance and leaving an inefficiency.



Multi-Time Frame FVG
> View higher time frame imbalance while in lower time frame chart.
> For instance, you can view a 1 hour imbalance while in another timeframe with our Multi-Time Frame FVG add-on.



Fibonacci Retracement
> This tool is used to identify premium and discount zones.
> We look to buy in the discount zone, and look to sell in the premium zone.
> The 50% line is the equilibrium.



Order Blocks
> Highly probable order blocks, automatically drawn on your chart.
> Pre-filtered logic to deliver the highest accuracy.
> Main structure order blocks.
> Internal structure order blocks.
> Use them together or separately based on how you trade.



> Main Market Structure & Internal Market Structure
> Highs/Lows, Break of Structure (BoS), Change of Character (CHoCH)
> FiB Levels for identifying premium and discount zones
> Main/Internal Structure Order Blocks
> Fair Value Gaps / Imbalance
> Equal Highs/Lows
> Outside Candles
> Elliot Waves
And much more..

Custom Alerts.

Get custom alerts sent straight to your phone!
> Do you want to know a break of structure occurs in real-time? We've got an alert for that!
> How about a Change of Character? Yes, we've got you covered.

One with our community.

We even plan our future updates based on user requests. So if we don't have it but you want it, we've got you covered.
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